The Executive VIP Shuttle/Limousine Difference:

Chauffeurs professionally Trained  Uncompromised Commitment to Quality
Reliable, Cost-Effective, Courteous Service
Investments in Industry-Leading Technology
Real-Time Communication and Incident Response Management
Highly Trained Staff with High Retention
Highest DOT Safety Rating
Commitment to Driver Training, Safety, Vehicle Maintenance, and Records Management
Committed to Improving Our Environment
In-House Operations
Ensures the Right Resources are ready to serve.
Strict adherence to our hiring policies-drivers who do not qualify to work here oftentimes work for the competition.
We regulate our entire staff with a commitment to 100% compliance.
Enjoy our services for the first time, and you will return again and again.

Smith System Program

Safety isn’t just a word with Executive VIP Transportation. It’s our life, and Executive VIP Transportation Chauffeurs consistently sets the pace for safety in the industry by establishing itself as one of the safest transportation companies in California. Our drivers are professionally trained and certified through the Smith System Program.

What our Customers are saying about our Chauffeurs!

“This company is the best.  Hands down.  I will never go anywhere else:

Ryan K Temecula

“I think you guys hire the absolute best employees. I know you go through great lengths to hire the best, and that is vital for me as a customer of yours. I have never had an unpleasant experience with you guys at all!”
Vicki L. Temecula, CA.

“You have superior Chauffeurs! I really appreciate your superior service. Best by far!” Scott T. Menifee, CA.

“Over the years, I have used countless car services. Oftentimes, they are mediocre to above average. Executive VIP Transportation is one of the best I have ever enjoyed. My admin had booked your company with her previous employer. Not being easily impressed, I did not have any expectations. After being dropped off at the airport and then a few days later, enjoying your service again-I have high praises. Your company has great chauffeurs. Very professional and spot on! I can tell this company has some great management because it is reflected in the way the airport transportation operates. Services were much appreciated. Look forward to seeing your chauffeurs next month for another airport transportation need!
Jim W. North County

“Your Chauffeurs are really professional at what they do! I love doing business with your company and the drivers area big part of that. Each and everyone has always been good at what they do. I am not sure how you do it, but I am one who appreciates a professional ride home in a luxury car!”
Danelle B. Temecula CA Call For More Information Regarding Our Services

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