Wine DOs And DON’Ts

Here are some informative “Wine Don’ts” available from the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wine.

. Don’t store wine in hot places or in the sunlight.
. Don’t keep wine in the trunk of your car.
. Don’t store your wine standing up – always keep the cork moist.
. Don’t fill a wineglass more than halfway, allowing you to swirl the wine.
. Don’t serve wine in new, unwashed glasses.
. Don’t pop the champagne cork. Slowly twist it and pull it off.
. Don’t serve a white wine too cold, or reds too warm.
. Don’t buy wine from the store window.
. Don’t give too much attention to wine snobs.
. Don’t assume a vintage date means good quality.
. Don’t assume a cork in a bottle is a sign of good quality.
. Don’t fail to ask when you don’t understand wine terminology.
. Don’t take the 100-point rating system too seriously.
. Don’t assume all Napa wines are superior. You may note the Award winners in Temecula Valley!
. Don’t assume the words “reserve” or “classic” on a U.S. wine label have any significance.
. Don’t assume all bottle-aged wine in a single case will be of the same quality.
. Don’t accept a faulty wine in a restaurant.
. Don’t accept a bottle in a restaurant that hasn’t been opened at your table.

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